Sub-Arc Beam Welder

FRANKLIN MODEL PTW-72 is a complete Automatic submerged twin-arc welding system.  It is designed for fixturing and welding Three (3) piece built-up beams consisting of a web and two (2) flanges.  The PTW-72 has a web capacity of 72 inches and flange capacities of 20” wide x 1" thick.  A complete PTW-72 fabricating cell can be up to 300 ft. long.  The system consists of a web loading gantry, web seam station, tack station unit, 4020 CNC Flange Loading Gantry and PTW-72 Pull Thru Welder with CNC Controls.

 4977The Franklin PTW-72 horizontal pull-thru welding system is a highly engineered submerged-arc welding system.

- 72” web capacity (84” optional)

- PowerWave SD-1000 twin-wire with MAX-SA10 controls

- 20” x 1” flange capacity (12” x 1 ½” non-bending)

- Complete flux recovery

- Maximum weight 300 lbs./ft

- Wire dispensing units (supplied by customer)


4988The PTW-72 can be provided with several options:

- Powered brush cleaning.

- De-cambering devices are available in Pre-Heat and Hydraulic

- 84” width capacity option (PTW-84)

- Wire drum turn tables, de-reelers with various placements(optional)

- Powered brush cleaning. Over sized platform for overhead equipment.


4976The PTW-72 auto-control system provides the operator various control over the weld sequence. The “PLC” auto control provides an auto-sequence of repetitive machine operations.




400Franklin’s wide range of engineered material handling systems creates several efficient options for removing finished frames from the PTW-72 outfeed system.




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